Welcome to TagMe.in

How to use the editor

Place a colon (:) at the start of a line to add a branch, then press Tab on your keyboard when you are at the end of a line to jump to that address. You may also select a word or phrase and press Tab to jump to the selected address. TagMe supports <script>, <style>, and all other valid HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. All data is stored locally on device memory and is not transmitted anywhere unless you initiate a "Send" to a specific URL or turn on live send.

How to use send and receive

Enter a URL at the bottom of the screen to send or receive content. Then click on the "Send" and "Receive" panels for next steps and look for the white buttons. When syncing content between devices, both devices must be set to the same sync URL. Sending and receiving is limited to the current address and all addresses with the current address as a prefix.

Editing and license

TagMe.in is an Open Source project. Right click and "View Page Source" or File > Save Page As... to make TagMe your own. THIS ENTIRE WORK (all of the contents of https://tagme.in/index.html) IS HEREBY PLACED INTO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN BY THE AUTHOR(S)
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